The Polls are Closed…

… and Anomaly One wins by the thinnest of margins! A mere two votes separated it from The Basileus of the Stars, so we’ll work on those two projects first.

Anomaly One is intended to be a campaign launchpad. The first two or three sessions of a campaign usually go well, but there’s a lull after that when the initial novelty fades but the game hasn’t yet reached a critical mass of ongoing plot threads. The material in Anomaly One is designed to be a second-stage booster for your campaign, giving it an added boost to make sure it takes flight.

That’s the marketing spiel, anyway. What it means is that there will be enough material in Anomaly One to create your own characters and play through at least four or five sessions of play, and then build your own plots on top of the setting material. Once you exhaust the initial adventures, you can either treat the game as a mini-campaign and bring events to a conclusion, or keep going for dozens of sessions.

Next week: Outlining!

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