Rakehell Progress

While the playtest draft of the Rakehell rules isn’t ready yet, I’ve started my own test campaign with my usual playtest group, hardened on the battlefields of The Laundry, Mongoose Traveller and many other playtests. So far, they’ve fought vampires in burning ships on the Thames, ruined any number of lives, and participated in an elaborate kidnapping scheme at Vauxhall Gardens. The campaign’s highlighted what works about the current rules (most of the Aspect/Compel/Infernal Power triangle), what’s on the right track but needs work (the skill list) and what needs a lot of development (I need to delve deeper into research, and boil maps like Horwood’s plan or Carey’s survey down to their game-relevent pieces.

The work continues.

In other news, the Gaelcon scenario blurb is up. It’ll be available for download here after the convention – once I actually write the damn’d thing, of course…

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