2015 Year-End

2015 was building blocks scattered all over the floor, metaphorically and actually. The first few months were dominated with recovering from my back injury; I couldn’t walk at Christmas, but made it to Warpcon (helped by a lot of painkillers) and was back to something close to normality by the summer. It’s not entirely healed, and will probably never be 100% better, but as long as I’m careful and sensible, I should be fine. There’ve also been some family medical issues that took up time and mental space.

Dracula Dossier and its spin-offs took up an astounding amount of effort. It’s easily the most complex and ambitious project I’ve been a part of, with half-a-dozen or more interlocking components. It came out beautifully, and I’m immensely proud of it. It did, however, take a lot longer than planned, so I didn’t get quite as much other stuff out through Pelgrane as I’d hoped. I finished off the Pirates of Drinax project for Mongoose, and did several smaller pieces for Cubicle 7 on the Laundry and One Ring lines.

The Mandate went from a minor side project to taking up as much time as I could give it, practically overnight. Financially, it’s been a welcome boost, and it’s a very different creative challenge.

I did a night course in Indesign (photoshop module is next year). I finished the first draft of a novel. Pushed forward on some game designs. Nothing complete yet, but progress made.

I have, however, overloaded myself – I’m racing to catch up, and stressing myself out. So, goals for next year:

  • Read more. Game more.
  • Be more ruthless about saying no to projects.
  • Finish novel, draft another one.
  • Finish one game design.
  • Get better at demarcating time. Use work time for work, and then put it away.

All the parts are there to build an excellent 2016. Here’s hoping.

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