Warpcon 24

If I run a Cthulhu game at the next two Warpcons, I’ll unlock the achievement “Great Old One – run a Cthulhu game at 20 Warpcons in a row.” I’ll have to do something special for that. This year, with two new distractions, I reused a pair of GenCon scenarios instead of writing anything new.

Saturday, I ran The Wind from the South, a One Ring scenario where the PCs have to rescue a princess of Rohan from Tyrant’s Tower. The players went rather spectacularly off-piste for around half the game, but then turned around and completed the quest with some rousing team-work and Hobbitry, culminating in the most improbable ‘use the evil ring’ check ever (3 sixs and two Gandalfs on a Hobbit’s Corruption test).

Sunday morning, I ran a Laundry scenario that’ll be part of an upcoming anthology. It revolves around HP Lovecraft and an attempt to summon a fire god. Half the players were Americans, which lent any Black Chamber jokes an interesting frisson. They all survived, despite one of them being devoured by said fire god (the others worked out a plausible way to bring her back from the dead as a transgender clone of Lovecraft, which the players then put on a Cards against Humanity card.)

After that, I ran a brief seminar on adventure design, which made me want to run another seminar on adventure design that takes advantage of all the things I learned doing the first one, and so doesn’t suck. My thanks to the audience for enduring my learning experience.

The annual Warpcon board game was  Yggdrasil, a co-op “you’re all Norse gods fighting Ragnarok” game. Very pretty, nicely thematic, but possibly a bit shallow. We’ve played it twice so far, but haven’t tried the Asgard expansion yet.

I did comparatively little socialising, and completely missed the guests other than a very brief flyby of Chris Pramas. The boys’ meal-time meant that I had to skip dinner in town, and I’ve never been comfortable in bars. Still, thanks to deli’s help, juggling twins and con proved successful (and I must thank the Warpcon committee for the twin-sized con shirts.)

My first Warpcon was Warpcon 4; twenty years ago, and twenty years before that was the start of D&D. Egad –  I may have already unlocked “run Cthulhu for half the time it’s been in existence…”

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