2013 Review of the Year

The changes this year were seismic ones. Obviously, the far bigger and more challenging development was the arrival of the twins. deli went back to work shortly after the posting of the previous entry in this blog, so my previously quite random writing schedule is no longer workable. I’m on childcare duties every weekday from 8 to 5 on average, and between dinner, bedtime, handovers and actually trying to retain some semblance of human contact, that means my writing day is down to three or four hours in the evenings.

Deadlines concentrate the mind. So do constraints. I am so concentrated right now that I can taste the words.

The other big change was the move from Cubicle 7 to Pelgrane Press. By late August, I knew that something had to change. Previously, I was able to juggle writing and line development duties relatively easily, but then I got hit by a quadruple whammy of Twin 1, Twin 2, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and a bunch of extra writing work. Nothing got dropped, but it became increasingly clear to me that things had to change. The post-GenCon shakeup, coupled with Pelgrane’s sudden soaring and resulting expansion proved to be the optimum time to switch companies. I’m still Line Developer for the Laundry Files, but stepped back from my involvement in DWAITAS, The One Ring and Primeval. I’m happy with the work I did on all three lines, but DWAITAS and The One Ring both deserve their own dedicated line manager.

Over at Pelgrane, I’m working on a dungeon campaign for 13th Age entitled Eyes of the Stone Thief, and after that I’ll be working on the long-awaited Dracula Dossier. Pelgrane assignments always push me to work harder – there, I’m at the receiving end of the editorial feedback and line developer comments – and improve my craft. The first few months were challenging, as I joined just as the boys started teething in earnest, but I think I’ve found my feet now and I’m looking forward to the new year.

The other unexpected change was getting back into writing for computer games. I helped the Mandate kickstart itself to more than $700,000, and got to write scripts for David Bradley.

Warpcon’s coming up on the radar. I realised that at Warpcon 2017, it’ll be the twenty year anniversary of my first Call of Cthulhu scenario for the con – I’ve written a Cthulhu game for the con every year since 1997 (and thinking about, that means that next year is the 20th anniversary of my first Call of Cthulhu game. Whoa.)

So, as I look towards 2014, I see

  • lots of work that I’m enthused about
  • a healthier financial situation
  • (leading to the possibility of carving out time for my own stuff in the summer without worrying about bills)
  • Living Dungeons, Vampires, more vampires, and Tsarist space adventures
  • a triumphant return to GenCon


  • two happy boys growing up in a secure and loving home

2013 –  when you’re not sleeping, one year can contain an awful lot of changes.


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