2012 Review of the Year

M’colleague Jon did a review of the year over at his blog, so I thought I’d follow suit.

That was a busy year. A very, very, busy year.

At Cubicle 7, I added line management of The One Ring to my portfolio. Releases in that line were lighter than we hoped, but we got Tales from Wilderland and the Laketown Screen out the door, and I wrote the double-headed epic of Heart of the Wild/Darkening of Mirkwood which will be out early next year, all going well. Two Doctor Who supplements came out in 2012, and I’ve another half-dozen in the pipeline. The Primeval rulebook came out, and has a devoted if modest fanbase. And the Laundry continued to hum along; the Mythos Dossiers supplement is one I’m particularly proud of.

For Pelgrane, I worked on the Zalozhniy Quartet, and Cthulhu Apocalypse – Slaves of the Mother. The reader may judge how effectively I channeled Ken or Graham. Over at Mongoose, three of the ten segments of the Pirates of Drinax campaign came out in PDF, I worked on a few minor bits and pieces for Paizo… oh, that little bit of SLA Industries freelancing I did also came out. Overall, though, staying on top of the four lines at Cubicle 7 is close to a full-time job.

May brought the Week of Gigs Unlooked-For, where three brand-new clients contacted me out of the blue (along with an email from Pelgrane). One of them has yet to pan out, but I took the other three. One of them was Cthulhu Apocalypse, one of them was a (now regrettably late) Bulldogs! campaign, and the third was some website content writing for Riverkey Creative. I can, it seems, still work in the real world when I have to, and the pay is good, but you can’t talk about Cthulhu when writing medical advice for a dental practise website.

Last year, my first novel Reality Optional was published by Ultraviolet Books. I wrote more short fiction this year – a Cthulhu story for a charity anthology, a short piece for The Lion and the Aardvark from Stoneskin Press, and a longer horror story for the Dark Harvest setting. My guide to Tolkien for kids also came out from Carlton Books; it’s a mass-market release, and I’ve found copies in book stores. That was a fantastic thrill.

I made to GenCon for the first time as a professional.

I helped run Dragonmeet.

I got nominated for a few awards, mostly for adventure design, and won an Ennie for best rules (for Lorefinder).

Woot on all counts.

Oh, and raised four puppies.

There were mistakes to learn from, too. Rakehell remains unfinished – and if I had pushed harder on that, I could possibly have grabbed some of the wave of enthusiasm for FATE. One Laundry book still languishes in limbo because of a poor outline on my part. Dragon Warriors needs more time too, although there was some progress on that front. My communication took a hit too – apologises if you’re waiting on a email from me!

The teams at C7 & Pelgrane have been wonderful to work with – thanks especially to CEODMT, Jon, Paul, Stuart, Walt, Andy, otherGareth, Simon, Beth, Graham, and the increasingly ampersanded Kenandrobin. Here at Milkyfish, though, my chief collaborator remain my beloved deli. Preparations for our planned release dominated a large chunk of this year, but we made it this far and the finish line/starting point/life-shattering twingeddon is in sight.

But hey – if I can get all that done in 2012, how hard can twins be?

Don’t answer that. I cherish my illusions.

Happy Christmas, good gaming and here’s to next year.


    • Tim Gray
    • December 31st, 2012

    It’s good to keep a record of yourself ROCKING LIKE A CRAZY PERSON!!!

    But do try to have a rest too.

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