On Being Interviewed

My main job, right now, is line managing Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and SpacePrimeval and The Laundry for Cubicle 7. The new, Matt Smithier-edition of DWAITAS is out soon (well, it’s out now in PDF), so I made a tour of the podcasts (Dirty Who-ers and Jennisodes).

Being interviewed is wonderfully fun, and it’s something I must do more often, assuming I remember to stop talking with my hands. That, or only do video podcasts with puppets. (Actually, there’s a video interview between myself and Jon Hodgson about Tales from Wilderland lurking out there in the wilds of the internet, but that won’t go live until the book hits the shelves. Also, it has no puppets.)

Listening to interviews afterwards makes me cringe, but that’s the Cork accent, like.

There’s a brief Rakehell mention around 41.30 in the Jennisodes podcast, which serves as a public guilt engine for me to get the damnable thing done. Things are progressing in stolen moments between C7, other freelancing and writing. Before the turning of the year, I hope.

    • Tim Gray
    • July 12th, 2012

    Heh. I watched your Primeval video interview with Jon yesterday, and the hands were much in evidence. You may need to get gloves and a stapler.

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