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Talking Traveller

While freelancing on Primeval, The Laundry and various GUMSHOE books has taken up the bulk of my time, I’ve also contributed to several Traveller products over the last year. (Anomaly One is still on the back-burner, but should see some development work once Primeval‘s done.)

The biggest of these is Secrets of the Ancients for Mongoose Publishing. The original Secret of the Ancients came out back in 1984, and brought the characters to meet Grandfather himself. While the scope of the adventure is impressive, the early stages lacked conflicts and the climax is basically a long monologue by an all-powerful NPC. The updated version adds more factions, and adds a whole adventure arc after the Great Monologue. There are another five installments in the adventure to come.

Meanwhile, I’m blogging over at TerraSol Games (or, more accurately, I have written blogs for them; posting seems to have stopped for the moment, but there are more in the pipeline). I’ll also be contributing to other T/S books later in the year, as writer and general Traveller guru.

Over at DriveThru, the Traveller main rulebook has finally gone Gold, putting it in the top 0.48% of products. Other third-party publishers are picking up on Traveller, too – there’s a list here. With luck, Milkyfish Press will join them before the end of the year.