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On Being Interviewed

My main job, right now, is line managing Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and SpacePrimeval and The Laundry for Cubicle 7. The new, Matt Smithier-edition of DWAITAS is out soon (well, it’s out now in PDF), so I made a tour of the podcasts (Dirty Who-ers and Jennisodes).

Being interviewed is wonderfully fun, and it’s something I must do more often, assuming I remember to stop talking with my hands. That, or only do video podcasts with puppets. (Actually, there’s a video interview between myself and Jon Hodgson about Tales from Wilderland lurking out there in the wilds of the internet, but that won’t go live until the book hits the shelves. Also, it has no puppets.)

Listening to interviews afterwards makes me cringe, but that’s the Cork accent, like.

There’s a brief Rakehell mention around 41.30 in the Jennisodes podcast, which serves as a public guilt engine for me to get the damnable thing done. Things are progressing in stolen moments between C7, other freelancing and writing. Before the turning of the year, I hope.

A Serpent King & A Milky Fish

As was announced last week, I’ve joined Serpent King Games, a new company set up to keep the classic Dragon Warriors in print. There’ll be another annoucement along related lines in the next few weeks, and I’m also regularly freelancing for Pelgrane, Mongoose, Cubicle 7 and other companies. Most of my time is taken up with gaming material for other companies. That doesn’t mean Milkyfish is going anywhere, though – we’re keeping Milkyfish as a separate imprint for projects by Edel & Gar. The lack of significant progress on Rakehell and Anomaly One is unfortunately due to time constraints on both of us. Edel’s in the middle of her college course, and I’ve been freelancing to pay the bills as well as working on some fiction. We’re both fighting for time, but the ‘fish is dear to both of us. It may be seem to be a poor neglected fish, but it will see its day.

Rakehell got another outing at Warpcon – the scenario this time was an experiment in pushing the boundaries of the concept, to see if the game could support something other than highwaymen and running around with pistols. The player characters in the Warpcon scenario, The Chimneys of Whiteham, were a bunch of orphaned chimneysweeps aged between 8 and 15, with not a single flintlock among them. The game worked very well, and got some excellent feedback from players (check out the Adventuring Party podcast, for example – the Rakehell discussion kicks off around the 28:55 mark).

The Whiteham scenario will be made available for download soon.

Welcome to MilkyFish

What is Milkyfish?
Milkyfish is the publishing imprint of Gareth Hanrahan & Edel Ryder.

Gar Hanrahan writes interesting stuff, primarily roleplaying games (Paranoia, Traveller and many, many others). Read his personal blog for more details.

Edel Ryder does art, layout and everything else. Read her personal blog for more details.

What does Milkyfish produce?
Right now, our only product is Fish for Fish, a webcomic. You can read the archives here or even buy a pdf copy here. We’ve even got a few print copies – email us at if you want one.

In the next few months, we’re ramping up to produce roleplaying games and supplements. Our first few releases will be for the Traveller roleplaying game from Mongoose Publishing. Gar was the lead designer for the new Traveller, so he knows how to make it sing. These books will explore unusual ways of playing Traveller.

What book is coming out first?
That’s up to you. Either vote in the poll below, or email us at

What are these books about??

Glad you asked.

First, The Basileus of the Stars: After hundreds of years, the UCEC Empire is in decline. The titanic warfleets can no longer maintain the old borders against raiders and barbarians. To preserve the core worlds, the Empire is withdrawing from this region of space. Word has come from Earth that your ancestral holdings are now outside the Pax Sol that has protected you for uncounted generations. As scions of a noble family, how will you survive in this new anarchic era?

The Basileus of the Stars casts the player characters as members of a noble house, ruling whole planets and commanding vast legions. Enemies – barbarians, revolutionaries, raiders and rival families – covet your estates. Your siblings, relatives and trusted servants are your best allies… unless they too are plotting to betray you.

Drawing inspiration equally from Dune and Asimov’s Galactic Empire, this campaign framework gives the players more power than they dreamed possible – and then challenges them to hold onto it.

* * *

Now We Are Here is the tale of the ill-fated passenger liner Batavia. She’s just misjumped and is falling into the atmosphere of an uncharted alien world. Don’t ask questions, just get to an escape pod! Move!

The pod crash-lands in thick jungle. In the purple skies, you can see the fiery trails of dozens of other escape pods and cargo modules as they fall to Earth, but the comm is dead. Was it damaged in the landing, or does something in the atmosphere of this strange planet block communications? Either way, you and a handful of other survivors are all alone in the wilderness.

At least, you hope you’re all alone. There could be anything in the jungle….

* * *
Anomaly One begins in the asteroid belt of our own solar system. Your characters find the first proof of the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence – a derelict alien vessel, with no signs of life on board. Before your characters can explore the huge derelict, it jumps through hyperspace – and you’re dragged along with it!

Congratulations. You’re the first humans to leave the solar system, and the de facto ambassadors of humanity to the greater universe. You’ve got an alien ship five kilometres long that seems to be willing to obey you.

Unfortunately, you’ve just jumped into the middle of a cluster of weird alien species, and none of them seem friendly.